H&W research areas and faculty

Aalto University has a strong, decades-long track record in health and wellbeing (H&W), in both research results and in facilitating commercialization. H&W being one of Aalto University’s strategic focus areas, this field is being ambitiously developed.

Aalto has identified six clusters of H&W research where it will develop the quality and quantity of its research activities further. These clusters are called subareas in the following.

Aalto’s professors actively involved in each subarea are listed in the pages linked from below.

In all of the subareas, we work with our Health Capital Helsinki partners, importantly the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District HUS and the University of Helsinki.

As a general contact for reaching Aalto’s professors (or Aalto as part of Health Capital Helsinki), you can approach Markus Mäkelä who leads Aalto Health Platform.

Subareas’ descriptions and lists of professors:

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