Advisory Council

  • Markku Mäkijärvi, Chief Medical Officer, Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa HUS
  • Tuula Haatainen, Member of Parliament, Chair of the Social Affairs and Health Committee
  • Saara Hassinen, Managing Director, Finnish Health Technology Association FiHTA
  • Sanna Lauslahti, Member of Parliament
  • Juha Metso, Deputy Mayor, Social and Health Services, City of Espoo
  • Kari Raivio, Professor Emeritus, former Chancellor, University of Helsinki
  • Antti Valle, Director, Innovation Policy, Ministry of Employment and the Economy
  • Liisa-Maria Voipio-Pulkki, Director, Health Services, Ministry of Social and Health Affairs


  • Professor Raimo Sepponen (Chair), School of Electrical Engineering
  • Professor Juho Rousu (Vice Chair), School of Science
  • Academy Professor Risto Ilmoniemi, School of Science
  • Professor Tomi Laurila, School of Electrical Engineering
  • Professor Paul Lillrank, School of Science
  • Professor Teemu Malmi, School of Business
  • Professor Heidi Salonen, School of Engineering
  • Professor Pirjo Sanaksenaho, School of Arts, Design, and Architecture
  • Professor Jukka Seppälä, School of Chemical Technology

Markus Mäkelä, Executive in Residence, is the presenting officer.

The board members have as personal deputy members professors Mervi Paulasto-Kröckel, Aki Vehtari, Lauri Parkkonen, Simo Särkkä, Ahti Salo, John W. Schouten, Jouni Partanen, Tuuli Mattelmäki, and Alexander Frey, respectively.

Six of the board members also serve as chairs of their research subareas within Aalto’s Health & Wellbeing research focus area. The research subareas are Biomedical Engineering; Neuroscience and Neurotechnology; Biotechnology, Biomaterials, and Chemistry; Digital Health; Management in Health and Wellbeing; and Health and Wellbeing Architecture and Design.


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Professorial Groups

The professors of the research subareas have organized into groups, whose members can be viewed on the subareas’ pages.

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