Aalto Health Platform

Aalto Health Platform is a collaborative program that creates a framework for Aalto to deepen and widen its joint work with its partner organizations in the area of health and wellbeing (H&W), which is one of Aalto University’s strategic focus areas for research. The platform’s role is to support Aalto’s H&W research activities, facilitate technology transfer towards innovations and startups and the broader high technology industries, and further develop the societal impact of Aalto’s work.

The platform is active widely in the area of health and wellbeing. This includes all major fields of R&D activity in health and wellbeing, such as medical and wellness devices, data science for healthcare and wellbeing, biomaterials, biotechnology, and pharmaceuticals, and the technologies underlying these. Moreover, this includes the management aspects of healthcare provision, importantly healthcare operations management, as well as the specialized expertise in the architecture and design of healthcare facilities and products. See Aalto’s Research in H&W for more information.

Aalto Health Platform facilitates collaboration-building activities to connect our partner organizations with Aalto’s professors and researchers in the platform’s field of activity, and will seek out the right experts from our ranks for interested parties such as companies, universities, hospitals, research institutions, governmental administration, associations, and media.

In the Helsinki metropolitan area, the platform‘s work is embedded into the activities of Health Capital Helsinki, a broad-based innovation ecosystem founded in 2015 by Aalto, the University of Helsinki, the Helsinki and Uusimaa Hospital District, and the City of Helsinki.

The platform is physically located in the Health Technology House on Aalto’s Otaniemi campus nearby the center of Helsinki, but operates across the university and takes together the H&W experts from all six schools.

The platform is led by Markus Mäkelä, Executive-in-Residence.

Email: health [at] aalto [dot] fi

A board will be appointed for the platform during Winter 2016.



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